Understanding Strikes

What is a strike authorization vote?

Union leaders often ask their members for authorization to call a strike as the expiration date of a contract approaches. If members vote “yes” to authorize a strike, it provides the union’s leadership with the authority to quickly call a strike when the contract expires. But a “yes” vote to authorize a strike does not mean there will be a strike.

What Happens at Contract Expiration?

If a tentative agreement has not been reached by the expiration, the union could choose to strike (if one has been previously authorized), but that is not automatic. The parties can extend the current agreement while they continue bargaining or continue bargaining without a contract in place.

What Happens During a Strike?

Strikes affect everyone, including our employees, customers, dealers and the communities where we operate. Work stoppages are disruptive, costly and create anxiety for all of our stakeholders.

Employees have the right to join a strike. If a tentative agreement is reached but not ratified, or if a tentative agreement is not reached in negotiations, unions may call a strike after the current contract expires or any extension is cancelled.

Should a strike occur, employees of Stellantis have the right to either participate or not participate. Stellantis will not interfere with workers’ decisions, nor will their employment be affected by their decisions.

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