Negotiations Process 

Contract Ratification Process

Stellantis and the UAW reached a tentative agreement on Oct. 28. The UAW-Stellantis National Council voted to send it to the members for ratification on Nov. 2. UAW regional and local chapters are holding informational sessions with members and voting is underway. Results of the vote are expected on Nov. 19, 2023.

What to Expect in 2023 Contract Negotiations

Stellantis will meet with representatives of the UAW to engage in official negotiations to reach a new national contract for our union-represented workforce. Stellantis and the UAW will identify and share key issues, priorities and concerns, along with proposed solutions as representatives bargain in good faith to come to an agreement.

While we engage in regular discussions with the UAW, contract negotiations offer Stellantis and our employees, through their union representatives, the opportunity to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that secures a brighter future for all of us.

Because we have a common objective, we are committed to coming to the table to listen and find solutions that are acceptable to both sides and, ultimately, reach an agreement that creates a stronger future for the entire workforce while allowing Stellantis to remain globally competitive as the automotive industry transitions to electric vehicle production.

The agreement we reach with elected union leaders is called a tentative agreement. Tentative agreements must be ratified by a majority of the members working for Stellantis who vote in the ratification vote. The agreements must be ratified by a majority of three classes of voters – skilled trades, production and represented salaried workers.

How Often Do You Negotiate a New Contract?

Stellantis and the UAW have traditionally negotiated a new contract every four years. The term of the next contract will be determined during negotiations.

What Happens Next? 

Stellantis opened negotiations with the UAW on July 13. The Parties then exchanged and began discussing initial proposals and bargaining demands. The current four-year contract expires on September 14, 11:59 p.m.

If a tentative agreement has not been reached by the deadline, the parties may:

  • Choose to extend the terms of the current contract and continue bargaining
  • Authorize their members to go out on strike

The Parties will continue to negotiate until they reach a tentative agreement. Once a tentative agreement is reached, members vote on the proposed contract.

  • If approved, the contract is ratified and work continues as normal
  • If rejected, the union may authorize a strike and bargaining continues

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