August 3, 2023

Stellantis letter to employees on the opening of negotiations

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Dear Stellantis Colleagues and Families,

Recently, we officially opened negotiations with UAW leadership to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement, as the current contract expiring on Sept. 14 at 11:59 p.m.  

You’ve probably heard a lot about the changes our industry is facing – preparing for EVs, creating a stable supply chain, meeting demanding regulatory requirements. And, while those challenges are all real, that’s not why I’m writing to you today. 

The contract we reach this year will not only define our Company’s path for the next four years, but more importantly, it may impact your future and that of your family and the community. That’s why I’m reaching out. 

In just over two years, we have made tremendous progress as Stellantis. Our Company is profitable and growing. You contributed to that. In fact, you helped achieve many of the successes we’ve had over the last four years.

Just a few examples: Because of what we’ve been able to accomplish together, the majority of you have seen a 20% increase in your total compensation (including profit sharing) over the past four years, while the nation has experienced an approximate inflation rate of about 17%. In fact, total individual eligible profit-sharing payments alone could have amounted to $36,800 in that same period. Additionally, you and your family receive health care options, including dental and vision, with zero employee premium contributions that are not available to 98% of employees who work for other large manufacturing employers.

As we’ve discussed with the UAW, to continue this success in the future, we must work together to prepare for a future that includes a transition to EVs. This will require us to work collaboratively to find ways to offset the 40% increase in the cost of battery-powered vehicles.

To do that, we need to work with every one of you to operate our facilities efficiently and effectively. We want to have flexibility in how we run our operations to not only allow us to meet production needs, while also providing you with work-life balance so you can bring your knowledge, skill and passion to the job every day. This isn’t about concessions, it’s about our collective future.

We understand that contract negotiations may stir up emotions and create anxiety and uncertainty. But I assure you that our intent is to work constructively with the UAW and to approach these negotiations with a vision toward the future

As our discussions with the UAW continue over the next several months, we will be providing you with frequent updates in various ways.

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The future of the Company, the UAW and all of you are inseparable, and we can only succeed if we all come together. With open minds, I’m confident that Stellantis and the UAW can reach a contract that is competitive in the market, meets the needs of our customers and continues our proud history of providing good paying wages and benefits for you and generations to come.

Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate all of you and your role in helping shape Stellantis’ future. We Win Together! 

Mark Stewart
Stellantis North America 

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