September 13, 2023

Latest Update on the Progress of Negotiations with the UAW


As we approach the expiration of our contract with the UAW, I wanted to give you an update on where we are with negotiations.

Since Monday, we have continued to meet with the UAW subcommittees to resolve outstanding issues, proof that we can work together to find solutions on tough subjects. We also passed our second economic offer as promised as well as a third offer yesterday. We’re awaiting their response to this latest offer. At this time, we’re withholding details out of respect for the bargaining process. 

On behalf of the entire Stellantis leadership team, I want to thank our Bargaining team for continuing to bring their energy and passion to these discussions. I know that they continue to approach each discussion with the seriousness it deserves and a commitment to reaching a fair agreement that responsibly addresses the concerns of our represented employees and better positions Stellantis to meet the challenges of the U.S. market.

Our focus remains on bargaining in good faith to have a tentative agreement on the table before tomorrow’s deadline. The future for our represented employees and their families deserves nothing less.

Tobin Williams

Senior Vice President

North America Human Resources

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