August 10, 2023

2023 UAW Negotiations: Facts & Figures 

Total active UAW-represented employees including supplementals: ~43,000 (as of Dec. 31, 2022)

Hourly Labor Costs

The average hourly labor cost including all earnings, benefits and other payments is ~$63/hour (compared to $64/hour in 2022). Average annual compensation is more than $126,000 a year. 

The average full-time hourly represented employee saw a ~20% increase in their earnings (inclusive of profit sharing) over the term of the contract, increasing annual earnings to nearly $100,000. 


Most UAW-represented employees received 3% base rate wage increases in 2020 and 2022 and 4% lump sum payments upon ratification in 2019 and 2021. 

Production Employees (non-skilled) 

  • Wages 
    • Supplemental: $15.78/hour starting wage
      • Grow to top rate of $19.28 in four years
    • In Progression: $18.04/hour starting wage
      • Grow to top rate of $31.77 in eight years 
      • ~79% of non-skilled In Progression production workers at top wage rate by end of contract (September 2023)
      • ~72% of total non-skilled, full-time production employees are In Progression
    • Traditional: $31.77 top wage rate (assembly division) 

Skilled Trades 

  • Starting wage rate: ~$36.47 depending on classification (progress to maximum rate after 90 days on-roll)
  • Maximum wage rate: $38.10 

87% full-time hourly employees (skilled and non-skilled) at top wage rate for their classification. 

UAW-represented employees were eligible for individual profit sharing payments totaling more than $44,700 during the contract term. In addition, employees on average received another $19,500 in bonus payments. 

 A history of profit sharing payments can be found here:

With the 2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement, profit sharing payments are calculated based on the year-end Adjusted EBIT margin of the North American region reported in the Stellantis N.V. year-end financial results at $900 per 1% of profit margin. Actual payments are based on individual compensated hours. 

Workforce Composition

Workforce Composition pie chart

Stellantis converted nearly 5,100 supplemental employees to full-time over the term of the contract.

Healthcare Benefits

Stellantis UAW-represented employees make no premium contributions toward their healthcare benefits and pay only about 3% of the total cost, compared to more than 30% for non-bargaining unit employees. 

They have choices between multiple medical plan options, as well as dental and vision coverage from reputable national carriers. Plus, these plans include a broad network of national providers with access to additional health and wellness benefits. 

Stellantis’ annual health care expenses for active UAW-represented hourly employees alone are expected to be nearly $900 million in 2023. 

Defined Benefit Plan

30% of the UAW-represented workforce have a defined benefit plan (employees hired before October 2007) 


Investments in U.S facilities totaled $12.6 billion, exceeding the $9 billion committed to in the 2019 agreement. 

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